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After Ichigo is seemingly defeated by Zangetsu, Ichigo transforms into his internal hollow form and strikes back, putting Zangetsu on the defensive. Once Zangetsu manifests, he immediately attacks Ichigo. He sees Muramasa and attacks him; how the man immediately incapacitates him and summons his interior hollow. Muramasa tries a sneak attack, but the inner hollow instantly regenerates and assaults him. Ichigo then struggles, stating that the internal hollow is part of him as well. Before his inner hollow can do anything else, Ichigo manages to regain control of his physique, falling unconscious at Muramasa’s feet. Muramasa has begun to take a curiosity within the inner hollow and uses his powers to freeze it in place. Ichigo’s inside hollow fights with Muramasa inside his thoughts until Muramasa uses his powers to restrain him, which then permits Ichigo to see through Muramasa’s powers and save his inner hollow.

Thinking that it has been subdued, Muramasa approaches it, how the interior hollow tips him with its act and lashes out straight at him. Ichigo manages to power Muramasa outdoors of his thoughts and continues the combat with him there. Renji continues combating Zabimaru, who taunts him for his weakness. Renji searches the ruins for clues of Byakuya, who continues to be missing. When Zabimaru threatens to kill Rukia, Renji remembers Ichigo’s purpose for preventing and then his own, enabling him to regain his resolve and activate Zabimaru’s Shikai. Both entities of Zabimaru have no intention of returning to their authentic owner and attacking Renji. There’s a cause we’ve got spring cleaning and fall cleaning as substitutes for winter cleansing and summer cleansing!

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