Series guide of the cards in dominoqq99 playing

Domino online Qiu Qiu is a fair, safe, and popular game in the casino world. It is precisely known as an exciting game until it becomes a favourite by the gambler or the domino lover. You can get access to such types of games from the available gambling sites online.

As the other name of the dominoqq, the domino online Qiu Qiu means the playing of this game is done using the dominoes. Domino is like the cards divided into two sections, top, and bottom. The top set of domino consists the 28 cards.

The maximum number of players in online dominoqq is six players. Every player gets the four cards distributed by the dealers of such a platform.

Series of domino cards

Each dominoqq99 has the number of the card values or the variable circles, and the two types of dominoes own the following card values.

Series 0 cards

There are the 0 series cards that consist of seven cards, and these first series exist at the top of the card that does not contain the slightest sphere.

Series 1 cards

This is the second series that contains six sequences and one card. And these series exist at the top of the card where only one circle exists.

Series 2 cards

This is the third number series that have the series two cards and five cards, and the two cards of this series exist at the top of the card that has two circles available.

Series 3 cards

These three series cards come at the fourth stage, which contains the four cards. The series of 3 cards also exist at the top of the card location where the three circles are available.

Series 4 cards

The four series cards have the three cards that exist at the top of the cards where the four circles are available.

Series 5 cards

The five series cards of the domino contain the two cards. These five series exist at the top of the cards where the five circles live.

Series 6 cards

The six series cards have only 1 card, and these six series are available both at the top and the bottom of the domino cards where the six circles exist.


This article will give you all information on the top 6 series of the  dominoqq99 cards used by the players in the gambling match. Read the complete article and reach out to us in the comments if you have any doubt.